Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cricket World Cup

About the only sport I follow is Cricket and the greatest tournaments of all has started yesterday. Not all matches are being telecast on free tv, and the ones I want to watch are the ones India play in. So, no chance of that being aired here in Australia.

The time difference doesn't help much, but I am following it. And so are many bloggers. I am not good in predicting and do not have an opinion about cricket at all. But would like India to win this one and give the Aussies here some looking down and rub it in for them. An India-Australia final with India winning it convincingly would just about make my month.

It has been four years since I landed in Australia, and the world cup was on then when I landed. We did not win then, my spirits are up this time. Go India!!


sneha said...

So, it didnt help much me reminding you of World Cup. Good to see you could atleast update your blog.