Sunday, March 25, 2007

I want Sandy too

Ok, a personal email assistant, who wouldn't want one? Technology, laziness blah:

These are the services that you get for free from Sandy:

  • Turn your “email to self” into an actual to-do — and get it done.
  • Maintain an up-to-date address book without even trying.
  • Get appointments into your calendar without wasting time cutting and pasting.
  • Automatically gather the web addresses friends email to you.
Go over to and she will do the rest. But only from April.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cost Life Game

I have recently stumbled across this site where one has to play a family of third world kids trying to make a living. The game is being developed by game lab and has a very good music running through it. It shows the real issues that the family of kids face and one has to pick one of the four targets to play the game, Health, Happiness, Education and Money. The kids have to be taken through four seasons each year while trying to maintain a balance of all.

Game play is good and the music is upbeat. In my first attempt, I managed to drive two kids to seriously bad health situations, making it frustrating for me, but subsequent tries was good fun. If only it was this easy to actually do something about the kids living in conditions like these.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cricket World Cup

About the only sport I follow is Cricket and the greatest tournaments of all has started yesterday. Not all matches are being telecast on free tv, and the ones I want to watch are the ones India play in. So, no chance of that being aired here in Australia.

The time difference doesn't help much, but I am following it. And so are many bloggers. I am not good in predicting and do not have an opinion about cricket at all. But would like India to win this one and give the Aussies here some looking down and rub it in for them. An India-Australia final with India winning it convincingly would just about make my month.

It has been four years since I landed in Australia, and the world cup was on then when I landed. We did not win then, my spirits are up this time. Go India!!