Friday, June 22, 2007

Ghost riders in Hyderabad OMGWTF!!

I am not sure if these guys are not trained professionals as they don't wear any protective gear. Watch them perform these stunts in the pothole ridden roads of Hyderabad (India) during day time traffic without the fear of other vehicles on the road and as it so happens almost all the time on the streets of India, general disregard for law. But the stunts are impressive. Warning: OMG moment at the end.


Anthony said...

Noticed, as I was looking back over your posts, that you have a publishing break for awhile.

Hope you keep posting on a regular basis. This is an interesting endeavor. You have a good mix of material.

Pleased to add you to the newest installment of Surfer's Paradise.

I hope the link serves you well. I'll look forward to hear from you when you have a chance to visit The Lives and Times... - interested to see what you think.