Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mozzies Rule

They are at every corner, every turn, turn of the lights and there they are, turn of the fans and they attack. They are the mosquitoes (mozzies) and they rule.

Epidemic in Delhi, epidemic in Kerala, both caused by the mosquitoes, do you think they care if the government doesn't declare an epidemic yet? I live in Melbourne and am spared by the mosquito bites and also spared from biting the mosquitoes when I accidentally open my mouth while riding my bike. But, I am seriously worried about the state of affairs in India at the moment.

Foresight is not a human thing, humans do not necessarily plan for the future. No one acts on preventing or preparing themselves against future issues. Just look at our environment. I am sure the relatives and friends of the people who have been killed in the Mumbai blasts in July are very upset at what happened to them, but are any of us upset now? It didn't affect any of us did it?

So, why now should we worry about Chikungunya or Dengue? It is happening somewhere in Delhi, and it is happening somewhere in Kerala, the rest of us are not dying, yet. I say it can happen to any of us, we live in the same society, poor mosquitoes do not know the rich from the poor, ask Manmohan Singh.

I have met Indian men here, no doubt very intelligent, came from top schools and got top grades, they will not think twice before opening up their zippers to relieve themselves on Indian streets. The women, will not mind for their husbands/boyfriends doing that. After all, applying that education to some civic sense is not filling up their bank accounts is it? They daren't do that here overseas, they might get fined. Economic sense over Civic sense makes common sense.

Too, the same educated junta will quote the Geeta and try to explain Hindu rituals scientifically. Do not eat non-vegetarian food twice a week, not only is God happy with that, it keeps your digestive system well-oiled, scientific you see. God is also very happy with the cleanliness of your house, as long as you make sure the banana peel is not dropped in your room.

So, when I tell them India is having issues like these epidemics, they do not blink and say, 'Urine and shit does not cause Dengue or Chikungunya', bring on Plague again I say. Then we will do something about it: blame the government.