Saturday, August 26, 2006

Welcome to my personal blog!

Ah! Well! So many thoughts, so few avenues to let them out. I always keep a low profile in general, I am the quietest at work (bad), noisiest at home (bad again) and inanimate when discussing something, which is no good as well. All of these actions get reversed when I am drunk, no I don't drink at work.

I started a blog with gung-ho, look at Desi in Golden Land if you really are interested (Look at that blog.. pleaaase!). I thought that blog's name was brilliant. I thought that kinda name will bring me fame and a bit of fortune on the side. But it didn't. Besides that is more of a travel blog rather than a personal blog.

So, here it is, yet another personal blog! Hopefully it will be entertaining for all those who read this blog of mine, It will certainly be entertaining for me while I am writing it.